Further links

RCN Mental Health Nursing Forum

RCN History of Nursing Society

RCN Library and Archives

Glenside Hospital Museum

Wakefield Mental Health Museum

Bethlem Museum of the Mind

Animated minds
A series of animated documentaries using real testimony from people with mental health problems

Mental Health Foundation

Mental Health TV
Currently free to view

Videos (also on YouTube) are on the pages relating to specific conditions.

Royal College of Psychiatrists

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

College of Occupational Therapists

Videos can be found on their Youtube channel.

HealthTalk / Youthhealthtalk
Information about health issues, through sharing of experiences. A partnership between DipEx, an Oxford based charity, and the Health Experiences Research Group of the Nuffield Department of Primary Care at the University of Oxford.

King’s Fund
A number of blog posts.

NHS Choices
Use the search box with the string “NHS Videos”

NHS tools
Includes apps and online tools, but also videos of carers’ experiences of dementia and videos for young people about mental health.

Pain Concern
Living with chronic musculoskeletal pain. Also available on NIHR YouTube channel.

Parkinson’s Disease Society

Patient Stories
This strories “provoke debate about safety and patient experience in healthcare.” Videos include one about sepsis, and another about MRSA and C diff.  A license is required to use the videos in educational contexts.

Patient Voices
Digital stories about healthcare.

Patients Like Me
This is an online patient community.

Self Management UK
Find out more about long term conditions.

Society for Participatory Medicine
This is an American based charity working to encourage active involvement of patients and carers in health care. Society site cane be found here.

Further Reading

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We would like to extend our gratitude to all those at Glenside Hospital Museum for giving their time and cooperation to help to produce this resource, and to the reviewers and RCN staff members who were involved.

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